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About Mt. Pleasant School of Performing Arts



Mt. Pleasant School of Performing Arts is the training ground for our Classical Ballet Company.  We opened our doors in 2000.  Our studio is located at Lighthouse Campus where we have created a “black box” theatre to use for smaller productions. 

A note from the Director

I have come to realize that my job as a dance educator is so much more than just teaching.  I have watched so many young ladies grow into strong woman with confidence and grace that I am certain that the discipline of dance I have provided has played a part in their lives.  I try to set an example in what I do and teach and hope that all the lessons that are learned are so much more than ballet, but also about life.  I look at the shy girl that walks into my class and see as years pass, the strong, confident woman she has become and for this I’m honored to have added to that process and witness the growth of their wings to soar in life. I also feel that the memories they acquire are more than money can buy. 

Thank you for trusting me with your precious child! 

Larisa Dahabi 


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